Hi! I’m a French writer and director, based in Brussels and Berlin.

I am developing TV series, webseries, and movies - in English and French.


I worked for ten years as a broadcast TV director in Brussels, producing factual and entertainment shows, commercials, opening titles, CGI …

In 2013, I wanted to go back to my passion for storytelling and developed for RTBF (Belgian TV) a sci-fi show, "Invisibles".

In 2015, I moved to Berlin to be a participant in Serial Eyes, Europe’s first writing room training programme, with mentors like Frank Spotnitz and Nicola Lusuardi. I learned so much there.



I’m writing a fun big adventure movie for TV60FilmProduktion (Munich).

I wrote and directed two commercials for Berlin start-ups. Find one here.


I wrote and directed a pilot for the Berlin comedy "Ping-Pong". Watch the trailer here!

I finished writing the pilot of the comic-book adaptation "Capricorn", a fun paranormal adventure show where a team of misfits heroes are fighting monsters and fascists in 1930s Paris!

I’m also working as a script consultant.


I like to explore what’s hidden. The secret world underneath ours, behind the masks and the appearances.

I deeply believe in the power of fiction on our world and, through fun entertainment, I want to connect people with stories.

I enjoy brainstorming, writing in collaboration and watch the story form in the room.

I want the audience to be glued to their multiple screens, and I can help you achieve this.

Pierre Puget

screenwriter & director