Pierre Puget is a French writer based in Berlin. He is developing series and movies in English or French.


PIERRE PUGET graduated from the IAD Film school in Belgium in 2006 and worked as a broadcast TV director in Brussels for ten years. There, he developed the Sci-Fi series INVISIBLE for RTBF (Belgian public network).

In 2015-16, he participated in the Serial Eyes international writing program in Berlin, the best showrunner course in Europe.

Pierre twice received a grant for international development from the French CNC: in 2018 for the gothic horror DIE STADT (co-written with Elena Lyubarskaya) and in 2022 for BLUEBEARD’S DAUGHTERS, a Belgo-Hungarian crime series (co-written with Belà Bagota and Judit Banhanzi).

In 2020-22, Pierre joined the team of the Netflix mystery event series 1899 as the French language consultant and translator.

Pierre has sold many series projects and participates in writers’ rooms all over Europe, in English or French. He currently writes TSINGTAO!, a period series for China and Germany (Goldkind Film, Munich);  NOS FANTÔMES, a Sci-Fi show (24-25 films, Paris); and MICROBES, a science thriller (Lincoln TV, Paris).

Pierre also teaches TV series writing at Université Côte d’Azur, at the METFilm School in Berlin, and for the Paris screenwriters association Séquences7. He’s the president of SEAN (Serial Eyes Alumni Network) and hosts the EURO PUDDING podcast about TV writing in Europe.

He’s represented in Paris by Sylvain Cochard at Film Talents.

Pierre loves entertaining stories that can explore the exciting secret parts of our world. He enjoys brainstorming, writing in collaboration and watching the story monsters take shape in the room.


Onboard Netflix’ 1899

Since last October, I’m lucky to be part of the team working on the super ambitious crazy Netflix period mystery 1899, by Jantje Friese and Baran Bo Odar, the creators of Dark. I’m the French translator and the French language consultant on set. It’s an amazing experience to be part of such a huge production …

Call my agent

I am now represented in Paris by Sylvain Cochard at Film Talents. We already signed two jobs and sold two options, so I’m very excited about this new partnership. Check my page on their website here: http://www.filmtalents.com/fiche.cfm/153-728253_pierre_puget.html On other news, I will be present at Content London from December 3 to 6. Get in touch …

Festivals season

Berlinale was super busy and fun, but seems already far away. Next stop: France! March 24-28, find me in Lille for Séries Mania where I’ll be part of a panel about writing for international co-productions, and hosting another edition of SEAN’s Amazing Travelling Pitch Circus! April 7-10, I’ll be in Cannes to give a pitch …


+49 175 822 8234